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GGL Events Reports 30% Increase In Revenue In 2023 As it Expands Across the World Next Year

UK-based events company GGL Events (GOGOLIVE Corp) has reported a 30% increase in its annual revenue in 2023. The company has co-produced over 15 music festivals and 45 concerts around the world in total.

The company is in talks with investors and agencies as it seeks to expand its portfolio of events for different countries in Asia, such as South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and others.

The company currently has over 50 events in its portfolio, including music festivals, conferences, and more.

“Our ambition is to expand and become one of the leaders in the live music industry,", says one of the founders.

The company is betting big on world tours for the biggest starts in music next year, providing a 360-degree approach to the tours, from booking the venues to promotion across the world starting in 2024.

The company also plans to launch its own ticket-selling platform with safety against scalpers.

GogoLive is on its rise to the top of worldwide entertainment.

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