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How Futurescool’s CEO, Tea Sankovic, is Building the Bridge Between Traditional Education and Tech

While growing up in the pre-internet days, Tea Sankovic’s education was very traditional and centered on tutor-led learning. Back then, technologies such as artificial intelligence, Web3, crypto currencies, ChatGPT, and others were not even feasible ideas yet.

Fast forward to 2023, and all those technologies are on the rise and at a high speed of development, but Tea has not seen much change in traditional education since her days in school. She has noticed that while the world, especially the economies and technologies, have changed dramatically, the education system has failed to update its curricula to prepare the new generations for the new future.

Seeing how students were lacking in the learning of essential soft skills and in technology led Tea to launch her own after-school program called Futurescool.

Futurescool’s innovative curriculum is a unique fusion of 4 crucial areas; cutting-edge technology and essential sciences combined with vital soft skills, and holistic personal development.

Futurescool is the first and only program in the world to seamlessly blend these critical elements into one immersive educational program.

By embracing these four areas, the program empowers young minds with a comprehensive toolkit for success, ensuring they are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

What makes Futurescool different from traditional schools is that they are focused on growth, not grades. While assessments are essential, we focus on a continuous feedback loop that nurtures growth. Students, parents, and Futurscool engage in a dynamic dialogue, ensuring consistent development.

But the program isn't just about absorbing information. At every step, students are encouraged to apply their learning in real-world contexts, ensuring they're not just future-ready but also ready to make an impact now.

At last, Tea wants to emphasize to all parents out there how important education on those subjects is for the children and how vital it is to seek alternative education outside the traditional schools.

“Preparing our children for the constantly evolving future is crucial, and this involves imparting them with the essential skills for success, which include cutting-edge technology, essential sciences, vital soft skills, and personal development.” Says Tea.

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