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Futurescool is Helping Children Acquiring the Skills Necessary for the Future

Updated: Nov 24

When Tea Sankovic moved to England a few years ago with her four children, education was one of her main priorities, and as the world and technologies started evolving at a rapid pace, Tea couldn't help but think about how today’s children are not getting the education necessary to succeed in the future once AI, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies are a big part of society.

Therefore, Tea decided to take matters into her own hands and launched her own startup, Futurescool.

Futurescool is an online after-school program for children ages 8–18, with courses covering tech and soft skills necessary for children's success in tomorrow’s society.

Futurescool differs from the traditional school system in various ways, as it focuses on children’s growth instead of grades.

Futurescool is innovative, visionary, and transformational.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach in public schools, Futurescool tutors tailor their after-school programs to empower each student individually. They go beyond traditional subjects, incorporating essential soft skills like adaptability, resilience, critical thinking, and leadership into their teaching. By addressing the challenges posed by emerging technologies and fostering personal growth, our tutors prepare students not only for academic success but also for a revolutionary future.

The program isn't just about absorbing information. At every step, students are encouraged to apply their learning in real-world contexts, ensuring they're not just future-ready but also ready to make an impact now.

The courses are designed to be fun and interactive, keeping the children immersed and engaged throughout the entire program.

Tea had a very traditional education experience while growing up, and while the world has changed in multiple ways, especially in economy and technology, not much has been changed or adapted from the curriculum in traditional schools.

Tea believes that education should be dynamic, forward-looking, and adaptable to the rapidly changing world. With this vision, I have meticulously crafted a curriculum that not only imparts technical expertise but also fosters adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership—the qualities that will set our students apart as leaders, innovators, and visionaries of tomorrow.

Parents can enroll their children in one free class on Futurescool’s website and see for themselves how transformative it will be for them.

Futurescool is shaping the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

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