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PR Firm The Hype Company Aims for New Heights With it's First Office in NYC

PR Firm The Hype Company is opening its first office in NYC as it plans to expand its client roster next year.

Founded by marketing graduates and college friends Justin Jay and Alex Lee, The Hype Company was born out of the founders desire for more transparency and accessibility. “We believe all brands and artists should have the chance to gain recognition for their hard work. We see them in a different light. When we are talking to a new client, we are not seeing dollar signs, but someone with a passion and drive to make their company or brand succeed and their dreams come true. We want our brands to grow and our founders to win. It’s a team dynamic” , says one of the founders, Justin Jay. The founders approach to public relations and marketing can sometimes be funny and unexpected. “We like to make things happen, and if sometimes that means taking some risks, we don’t think twice”, says Alex Lee. They laugh when they remember some of the campaigns they have worked on in the past, especially one that went viral worldwide early this year. The campaign went quickly viral worldwide; the founders confess it caught both of them by surprise and left them in a state of shock that they could only laugh along with it and let it ride. “It got out of our control”, says one of the founders, Alex Lee. “To be honest, when we had our planning meetings, that campaign was one of the many crazy ideas we had, but in our heads, it was unachievable as it was ridiculous propaganda. So, when it worked, I don’t know about Justin, but for me, it felt surreal, like we were living in a simulation and I just found out a cheat code. especially because for all of us, it was not even that funny. We were so focused on delivering results to the client, we forgot how hilarious everything was. So, when the whole world started laughing, we came back into reality and realized how funny that was, so we just started laughing as well. But then we thought, Oh my god, was that legal? Are we going to jail?”, says Alex about the public relations campaign. The campaign was featured on major media outlets worldwide, such as TMZ, the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Independent, etc. As the company expands, the goal is for us to establish ourselves as a public relations powerhouse, not only in the USA but also around the world. There’s a lot of secrecy and stigma around public relations, so we hope to make things more transparent and accessible for all while keeping the quality”, says Justin Jay. The company also plans to open at least three more offices next year, with the locations being Miami, Dubai, and London.

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