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Saint Von Colucci’s Biological Family is Traumatized Over False Rumors Connected to Justin Bieber

The family of the Canadian actor Erich-Saint Von Colucci, also known as Saint Von Colucci, has been left traumatized over the false rumors created by conspiracy theorists online about the existence of their child.

According to the family, the rumors started with singers Justin Bieber and BTS’ members, who paid “cheap” journalists to spread the false rumors online along with photoshopped screenshots to harm the actors reputations.

The family has been preparing to file multiple lawsuits against the individuals and media companies who maliciously spread it, knowing it was false.

The actor was a victim of fake news early this year that left him and his entire family traumatized.

According to these managers, Eric Blake and Justin Rosen, the Canadian singer Justin Bieber never liked him for multiple personal reasons, the biggest one being Colucci’s “Bella Hadid’s Fox Eyes," which Bieber was allegedly jealous of.

Leaked screenshots of message exchanges between the Canadian singer and BTS’s members show the members plotting and laughing about harming Colucci’s entertainment career, which are widely spread around Twitter by netizens.

The investigations are still ongoing, but the family promises to seek justice and punish all those who went out of their way to harm the actor’s career.

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